Lucifer's Bane

The fantasy book series

by Jacob Bailey

Angelici Magi


Raif (Raphael)


The Gaurdians are the children of Lailah and they shared much of her natural magic of Air and Water. They were never a match for the Angelici Magi but nevertheless are powerful immortals who each have their own special role in the Realms.


But when Lucifer first openly opposed the Creator he had already convinced many of the Gaurdians of the wisdom of his arguments and also of the benefits of his power. And so when half of the Gaurdians stood against their brothers, they had forsaken the magic of Air and Water for the more powerful magic of Earth and Fire.


Raphael, or Raif as some call him, remained true to the Creator, and guards both the true location of the Garden, and its memory in the Realm of What Was, that those banished from it may not return without the Creator's permission.

Fred is not strictly a Gaurdian, for he is not one of Lailah's children. And there is no doubt that the power Fred yields is from Lucifer, for his magic is Earth and Fire and he is matched only by Lucifer himself in his mastery of that power. But Fred is not like others and although the Gaurdian's know his past, and who Fred truly is, the Creator has chosen to give Fred a role and he does that role very well.


So the Gaurdians acknowledge him, even if they do not trust him. Fred seeks a purpose, beyond that which the Creator has given him. And although he claims to hold to the rules placed on him by the Creator, he certainly bends them. At times questionably beyond breaking point.


He is a loner, in a role that does not inspire friendship for most normal creatures. Yet to someone who welcomes him as a true friend Fred can be a powerful ally, if not always a very helpful one!


Angelici Magi

The Creator set three great immortals over the Realms. The Angelici Magi are the children of none but the Creator's own will and are supreme in their mastery of the natural magics of Air and Water.


Lailah, or Lilly as she is often affectionately called, was the first Angelica and the Mother of all natural things the Creator made. She is associated most with the memory of the Garden, where all things began. Lilly is a beutiful woman with a shapely figure, bright green eyes and a smile to melt any heart. She uses her magic to infuse all life with a value of its own. Her gentle husband has long since succumbed to the calling of the Alfar and travelled to the west, but their children remain, as the great Gaurdians of the Realms.


Ananke is as ageless and beautiful in her own way as Lailah. But where Lilly is warm, open, friendly and voluptuous, Ananke is cool and formal, with piercing black eyes, as dark as her long straight hair. There are few she would call close, but is known as Anna by those who truly know her. The overseer of Fate, Anna see's all that might be and uses her magic to remind of us of our true choices. Yet Anna's own decisions have not been easy. Her love was deep and true but her lover is now beyond her help. Her daughter was lost in tragedy and her son... well, that is another story. But be assured, when you stand in that place where all hope is lost, Anna will be standing in the shadows beside you, opening your eyes to your choices, to rise above your fate, or not, as only you can decide.


Meriel is strong but quiet with a stunning, innocent beauty, as soft and pure as her bright blue eyes that hold untold depths of knowledge. Mary, to those few who know her well, she hides away in the University with her head in her books, that hold the tales of all our lives. She offers the experience of all knowledge to those who will listen. Yet, so absorbed was she in the lives of others, that she failed to notice her own true love until he was already lost to her forever. Mary is the deepest Wisdom to all who will heed her quiet words, yet she would swap all knowledge for folly in the support of true love. For what value is a world of wisdom without love?

The Angelicus

Three beautiful female Angelici the Creator made yet a fourth Angilicus was also created. Lucifer was brought into being to question and challenge and seek other ways, that the Realms might be enriched with choice and variation and new wonders. And he began with himself, rejecting the magic of natural things in favour of the wilfull and unyielding magic of Earth and Fire. The magic of the very fabric of the universe itself. And In his mastery of this magic he become as powerful as the three other Angelici Magi combined.


He was good once, but that was long ago and he would still not think of himself as evil. Banished far from the Realms, beyond the world of men, he seeks only to return and bring perfect order to the universe. The perfect order of full and total submission to his own will. And in his pursuit of this goal he is as relentless and ruthless as his dark magic.


One by one things are falling into place, and he will return.