Lucifer's Bane

The fantasy book series

by Jacob Bailey

Jon's story

At first sight, Jon is no more than a migrant worker. He grew up in the cattle lands of the north but lost his parents while he was still a teenager. But he has more about him than his unexpected fighting skills. Jon is a shape changer with the ability to take on the form of an eagle and take to the skies through the natural magic within him.


Imbued with the magics of Air and Water he uses this gentle magic with ease to increase his awareness of the world around him and speed his responses in a fight.


But he has unwittingly been filled with another magic. Dark and powerful, the magics of Earth and Fire are as stubborn and wilful as they are strong and destructive. Such magic is for the servants of Lucifer alone, and not even they have control of all four magics.


Jon is used to being alone but it is not only his new ethereal friendship with Jacob that is changing his life, for he has also met Trisha...

Jacob's story

Jacob seems even more ordinary than Jon. A middle manager for a paint company the only excitement in his life is his constant daydream of Jon. But his fragile marriage to Karen is torn apart when he is falsely accused of beating his children.


In a new job, two hundred miles from the place he had called home, he must struggle to keep seeing his two sons as Karen sues for divorce.


Only his dreams and daydreams give him the escape he needs to keep him sane and as he spends more and more time in Jon's world his own powers become more apparent.


And as Jacob seeks to come to terms with the divorce of his wife, he meets more than one beautiful woman to distract him. But who is Rachel?


Jacob and Jon make both friends and enemies in their changing lives. But none is more unusual than Fred. Fred does not think like others and has a very simple and pragmatic approach to life, and certainly death. But Fred doesn't always play by the rules and he certainly seems to be willing to bend them for Jon and Jacob.


But is his interest more than just friendship? Fred has seen things that others have not, and he has his finger in more than one pie, so to speak. He is certainly not to be trusted and his true alignment is always under question. But, whatever his motives Fred and his little book seem to be ever present in Jacob and Jon's lives.

The Lucifer's Bane Series

These books tell the story of Jacob and Jon. Both have their own individual tale with their own twists and turns but they are also entwined through the link between them. Jacob watches Jon's world in his daydreams, but his knowledge of Jon is not limited to a passive observer, for in his dreams Jacob finds he can, at least in part, travel to Jon's world himself.


So Jacob shares in Jon's life and even becomes involved directly at times, but he also has his own life to live. Both Jacob and Jon must make their own decisions and their own choices, but somehow everything they do is also linked and, however different their actual realities may seem, you can be sure that whatever befalls one will be reflected in the life of the other.


Each book tells of a stage on the lives of Jacob and Jon but, as with anyone's life, each tale is only part of a greater whole. A change has aoccurred in both Jon and Jacob's lives and these four books tell of how Jacob and Jon learn of their new magic and its potential, and how the true owner of thier powers seeks to gain it back. Conflict is unavoidable and the challengers are near equally matched. Magic will meet magic and power will flow, but in the end their fate has already been decided. But neither Jacob nor Jon have ever had much respect for fate...


And as their tale unfolds things begin to fall into place that even Lucifer could not have hoped for. It is becoming clear that it is more than an accident that Jon has the power he has unwittingly gained. A final conflict is foretold and the scenes that are playing out are fulfilling prophecies most have forgotten. Are Jacob and Jon changing the future, or are they simply pawns in a bigger game? Even as Lucifer opposes them from his banishement beyond the Earth, his own living memory in the Realm of What Was, appears to be supporting Jacob and Jon from The Garden.


The greater tale is about to begin and it cannot be long before the final story is told...