Lucifer's Bane

The fantasy book series

by Jacob Bailey

Creation of the Realm of What Might Be

In the beginning all was chaos. Nothing had structure or purpose or order. But there was One within the chaos who was not a part of the chaos and yet His presence was throughout the chaos.

And He thought to Himself what could come to pass and possibilities began to take shape, becoming more solid as more opportunities came together and fading as alternatives came to the fore. And so the first Realm came into existence: The Realm of What Might Be. The Realm retained its chaos but pulsed with all the possibilities for the future. A million billion opportunities and more vying for existence. All that might or might not happen, all good and all evil. And He looked on the Realm of What Might Be and He called it "The Future"


Creation of the Realm of What Was

When the Creator made The Future out of the chaos, the act of creating it immediately changed it, for by making the first Realm one possibility became fixed and real and so others were lost forever. And this new fixed choice became forever a reality and so the second Realm came into being, the Realm of What Was, a Realm of fixed opportunities and timless repetition where the things that had been could exist and be relived but only within the limits of those choices which had already been made. And He looked on the Realm of What Was and saw it as a place for learning and experience and He called it "The Past"

Creation of the Realm of What Is

And in the turmoil between the two Realms, that of The Future and that of The Past, there was just a single point through which all ran, from one to the other, like a cosmic hour glass, changing from one Realm to the other as the Creator made His choices. And from this one point a new Realm grew into being, stretching slowly into the future and the past, the Realm of What Is. This Realm was given stability by the Realm of What Was but also pulsed with the opportunities of the Realm of What Might Be. And He looked on the Realm of What Is and He called it "The Present"

The Three Realms

There is a limit to how much you can show in the small maps that can be published in either a standard paperback or on a kindle. So the these maps allow you to see a little more detail of the Three Realms in the best map available to me. Above is a complete map of The Three Realms, showing Va-Zera (The Realm of What Was), Ez (The Realm of What Is) and Zera (The Realm of What Might Be). Smaller maps of the East and West are shown below that may load more easily on a kindle or tablet.