Lucifer's Bane

The fantasy book series

by Jacob Bailey

Meet the Family

The Loner


Friends and Foes

Jacob's family

Jacob's family is pretty average really. His mum and dad live in High Wycombe and are your typical late middle-aged couple. When Jacob met Karen at university they hit it off straight away and a year after leaving and starting their new careers they married and settled down in their own little cottage. Richard arrived a couple of years later and Harry was born a year after that.


Unfortunately not all was marital bliss. When Karen's parents moved down to live a few miles from their daughter Jacob seemed to get on with his mother-in law better than Karen did. But when Doris decided to put the boys' name down for a prestigious boarding school, Jacob decided it was time to say a polite 'no'.


Then, if that was not enough, Karen and Jacob had the cheek to announce they were moving north for Jacob's new job. Jacob ignored his mother-in-laws threats that she would do whatever she needed to do to stop him taking her grandchildren away. After all, what could she do to stop him?

Jon's Family

Jon's family is noticeable by its absence on this page. Jon doesn't talk about his family much. His mother and father were both killed while he was still a child and he was brought up mostly by his uncle.


There were benefits. His Uncle was a veteran of the Orc Wars and took it upon himself to teach his nephew how to fight. With his magic to speed his reflexes, Jon proved a natural and soon outstripped his teacher in his abilities. But he also learnt to look after cattle and do all the things a cow rancher needs to know.


When Jon's ability to change into an eagle began to show itself, even his uncle had difficulty to treat him just like anyone else. So his uncle encouraged Jon to suppress such strangeness and hide it from those who were naturally suspicious of anyone who was different.


They argued and Jon couldn't even remember why he left in the end. He was sure it was over something silly. But once he had gone, he found he could look after himself and there was always work for a good cow man or general handyman.


So Jon lived a life as a loner, neither having nor wanting a family anymore. Until the day his life changed, and he found himself swept away, and into the unexpecting arms of a beautiful nomad...

Friends and Foes

Where do I start? The mother-in-law regretfully did not make this list as she counts as family (or did), but she certainly wouldn't have been top of the friends list!


Jacob seems to have too many lady friends for his own good and Jon seems to have friends and enemies who aren't even strictly human. But there are too many to describe and explain here. So perhaps I will just mention a couple of close friends.


Trisha is not actually Harish's daughter. She was found with her mother by the nomads and adopted by Harish. But she is an excellent shepherdess and skilled swordswoman and no nomad in her clan would allow anyone to speak against her. She is also beautiful. No wonder that Harish would see her marry his brother's son to cement an alliance between them.


And then there is Rachel. Have I told you about her? No? Well then perhaps you should begin reading my books, and eventually all will be revealed.