Lucifer's Bane

The fantasy book series

by Jacob Bailey

Books in the series

This is the Lucifer's Bane series of fantasy books which can be previewed and purchased on Amazon (See Links Page).


The Valley of the Shadow

Jacob begins to see Jon in his daydreams when an orc cleric tries to use the link between them to transfer Lucifer's power between worlds. When Jon accidentally absorbs a great deal of Lucifer's magic a hunt begins to get the stolen magic back.


Day as Dark as Night

Jon heads north to the frozen wastes with Salech and Trisha hoping to avoid using his powerful but ruthless magic again. But even as Jacob helps him in his dreams can Jon avoid another confrontation as his enemies seek to cut off his escape?


Blood Magic

Orcs alone are no longer a match for Jon and Lucifer's daughter uses blood magic to raise an army even Jon cannot defeat. But as Jacob finds new powers to aid him, Jon's worst enemy will be his own powerful, uncontrollable and ruthless magic.

Return of the Aeos

Lucifer's daughter will pursue Jon to the halls of the mythical Aeos and their dark secret if she must. But as Pandera and Jon clash, others must die and Jon begins to realise there is only one way to end this. But neither of them has considered Jacob...


Hi I'm Jacob


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about my books.



The Three Realms


Meet friends

- and enemies!

Welcome to my worlds.


I am Jacob and I want to share what I can with you about the people and places in my worlds.


There are maps and picutres and some more information about the books in the series.


But you must be asking yourself, is this supposed to be Jacob Bailey the author, or Jacob Bailey the character in the books?


There was a time when I thought a far away world of magic and orcs was just the result of an over active imagination. But when you live in another world for long enough, you have to start questionining any doubts you might have about its existence.


So all you need to know is that I am Jacob Bailey, and these are my books, and my worlds. And perhaps, if you allow your mind the freedom to wander where your imagination would take it, you might walk in both worlds with me.

" Belief is knowing without seeing, but it is sometimes harder to believe what is right before our eyes"